Aug. 14/2015

What's up?

Hi Mum and Dad

Hi mum and dad!

I just wanted to make an update on my status quo and about what i’ve been working and what i am working on right now (if you are neither my mum, nor my dad, then you might be my sister. So, hello to you too! 🙂 And if you are, by any chance, not family, but still reading this blog: I love you like family! Thank you for being here!)

I kind of fall behind with updating this website, so please keep in mind that i have very up to date social media sites, i posted all the links HERE.

Here goes,

Some weeks ago i was invited by kunswolke to make a painting during a really nice festival. The name of the festival is Parque del Sol and it is like a little town in the middle of a forrest (which it both isn’t but it feels like) and for five days it is filled with Art. If you are one of my german speaking readers (mum, dad, sister) then, HERE is the link to their website, where you can learn more about the whole project.

I painted on wood, the size of the painting is 70×100 cm.

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let's go

Also i am working very hard on the new Puppet Theatre Show “Hänsel, Gretel, Finsterwald” . The Premiere of the show will be end of october, so i am quite busy making the puppets, props and stage design stuff.

Wild Plush

Another project i am working on is “WILD PLUSH”. It’s about old plush toys who lost their home and are now trying to find a new home, but while being out there all alone, they evolve, they change, they grow.. wild…